• Fancy Fingers:
    Ringe: Gelbgold, Brillanten, Madeira Citrin /
    Weißgold, Brillanten, Rubellit / Weißgold,
    Tsavorit, Prasiolith / Rotgold, Brillanten,
    Rauchquarz / Rotgold, Brillanten, Amethyst
  • Ear Fruits:
    Ohrringe: Rotgold, Brillanten,
    Saphire multicolor
  • Rings: rose gold, brilliant, smoky quartz /
    yellow gold, brilliant, lemon citrine / white gold,
    brilliant, topaz
  • Rings: rose gold, brilliant, rose quartz /
    yellow gold, brilliant, citrine / yellow gold
    brilliant, lemon citrine
  • Ring, earrings, pendant:
    white gold, brilliant, topaz
  • Ring, earrings, pendant:
    rose gold, brilliant, amethyst
  • Earrings: yellow gold, brilliant, diamond
    peridot / white gold, in part black rhodium-plated
    brilliant, black diamond, tanzanite
  • Earrings: rose gold, citrine, emerald, amethyst /
    rose gold, smoky quartz, rubellite
    moonstone / rose gold, peridot, tourmaline
  • Earrings: rose gold, amethyst
    Mali garnet
  • Rings: white gold, amethyst, sapphire
    in pink and red / white gold, brilliant
    amethyst, sapphire in pink and red /
    Pendant: white gold, brilliant,
    amethyst, sapphire in pink and red
  • Earrings, pendant: rose gold,
    brilliant, morganite / satin neckband
  • Ring, earrings, pendant: red gold, brilliant,
    amethyst, rubellite / Ring, earrings: red gold,
    brilliant, rhodolite, rubellite
  • Rings: white gold, aquamarine, brilliant /
    red gold, morganite, brilliant /
    Ring, earrings, pendants: white gold,
    beryl, brilliant
  • Ring, pendant, earrings: yellow gold,
    golden beryl, brilliant / Pendant, earrings:
    red gold, amethyst, brilliant

ur imaginative collection
creating your happiest moments.

happy hours

Fashion and lifestyle form the backdrop against which Buchwald jewelry performs, with an unmistakable personal style and calm self-confidence. A fantasy in mixture of colors to accompany you through many happy moments. A happy combination of large colored stones with fine diamonds and precious metals.